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I believe in unleashing your potential. Unlocking the gifts of innate creativity. In plant based foods. In moving your body every day. In chocolate. In simplifying. In side stepping societies expectation. In brightly coloured yoga pants. In living from the heart.

When it comes to business, I am passionate about helping you unlock your unique brilliant potential and teasing out the ‘golden thread’ - that secret sauce that makes you uniquely you.

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“I feel stuck and just can’t seem to move forward".

These are the kind of words that often bounce around your mind.

You wear a smile to the world but behind the scenes it brings tears of frustration to your eyes and keeps you living out the mediocre life.

Yet deep down in your soul, in those soft quiet moments when you settle into your body and the noise in your head subsides… you know there is so much more inside, the strength and fierce determination flickers back to life and makes your heart beat a little faster.

You feel the excitement, you make yourself a fresh new promise, a resolution, a goal… but then the overwhelm hits and the cycle repeats.

I’m a life architect. I used to design amazing buildings, now I support people in designing their amazing lives.

I work with people who know deep down they have incredible potential inside but who feel and stuck in the container of societies expectations that blocks them from expressing their true gifts.

Yep, you might be...

  • A people-pleaser

  • An over-thinker

  • An passionate creative

  • Someone that has always felt they don’t quite ‘fit’

  • Or all of the above ;-)

Hi, me too, nice to meet you!

I am not perfect, but thankfully these days nor am I striving to be… I have learned that our true beauty and the key to living our very best life lies in embracing the messy in the knowledge that it leads to the magic. Everyday I listen in to my soul and take small steps to go against the 'shoulds' of society and embrace the calling of the real me inside.

But not so long ago it wasn’t like this at all.

I was working as an architect in a prestigious practice, a dream career in the eyes of many.  Yet beneath the happy smile, my life felt superficial and I began to feel a growing sense of discontent with the 9-5 routine, external expectations, the 'labels' of society and the thought of ‘settling’ before I’d found out who I really had the capacity to become.

I knew this was not my life’s calling.

But what the hell was?

And, most importantly, what was I going to do about it!

Much of my ‘breakthrough’ was triggered by a guy who entered my life at this crossroad. He had Aspergers and did not play by the rules. To all intents and purposes he turned my perception of life on its head and threw everything I thought I knew up in the air.

It was the catalyst I needed.

In putting together the shattered pieces I began to question everything and I began to create life on my own terms for the very first time.

My journey deepened when I took a stand against ‘the rules’ and embraced a fully wholefood plant-based diet. In doing so my mind cleared, my energy heightened, my spiritual connection deepened and my creativity sky-rocketed.

I felt reborn, and more in tune with my innate sense of self than ever before.

In December 2012 I quit 'the architecture dream' and leapt into the unknown.

Nutrition and holistic wellness became the foundation to building my confidence and designing an amazing life from the inside out… and it is still a huge part of what I share with others on their own journey of self discovery and self-connection.

Including Cake first began as a ‘little food blog’ so named because I was determined to prove that living your very best life was not about compromise, restriction or following convention. It was my personal rebellion against all the doubters and has since evolved into the hub of my creative expression and platform for support. But there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that has brought me to this point in time.

  • I am a qualified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

  • I have a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

  • I received a scholarship to study with The Coaching Academy as a personal performance coach.

  • I am a qualified firewalking instructor – one of the most deeply self-empowering experiences than can be undertaken.

  • I have a first-class honours degree in design and architecture – creativity, and it’s application in the world, is the driving force of my life. Time after time I see that leaning into creativity as a tool for overcoming fear is an integral component of living a life of optimal wellness.

‘Including Cake’ is my journey, and I am here to hold out my hand and support you as you step out into yours.

If you are ready to take the reigns, step away from convention, choose curiosity over fear and lean into the potential you feel burning inside... let’s book a time to talk and explore what is possible for you.

Yup I get it, this is deep stuff, this is quite literally life changing stuff. But it shouldn’t be heavy and serious. When we are in our element and we feel light and energised. We smile more. We connect more. We love more.

So, here’s some fun facts about me that may bring a smile to your face (or make you think ‘what a weirdo’ and that’s fine too!) ;-)

  • I have real life plans to design and build a tiny house out of a shipping container

  • I drink a mug of warm lemon water every morning and have done for over a decade

  • I have a borderline obsession with the number 4 (and I have no idea why)

  • I have ADHD – and it’s my super-powder in life that means I’m always thinking outside the box.

  • When I am not coaching or creating recipes… you can probably find me lifting heavy weights at the gym or making dreamcatchers.

Tell me, what makes YOU come alive… what could be possible for you when you give yourself permission lean deeper into that space. I would absolutely love to know more!